About Us

The Computing and Commerce Association (CCA) is the only joint IT and Commerce Association in Victoria, helping to unite business and technology students since its founding in 2000. With more than 1100 active members, CCA continues to grow each year, offering more events and opportunities for its members. It is through this that we strive to achieve our aim: ‘to foster a link between the professionals of today and the professionals of tomorrow’.

By creating opportunities for students to connect with industry representatives and equipping students with knowledge about latest trends, CCA is able to create a well-connected community of like-minded individuals with essential skills or experiences that are highly regarded.The following core values reflect our vision and goals.


With 1100+ student members, our CCA community is here to support everyone both professionally and personally!

Career Development

Our events give students the opportunity to network, up-skill and explore the commercial and tech worlds.


With our dedicated publications and marketing campaigns, students will be equipped with knowledge about the current industry trends.