An Introduction To Consulting: Danny Nguo

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We were lucky enough to sit down recently with Danny Nguo, a consultant at Protiviti and CCA Alumni. He spoke with us about his role as a Consultant, and shared some fantastic tips for students. Check it out below! 

1. Please tell us a little about your role, and what you enjoy most about it.

In a nutshell, my role involves having discussions with client stakeholders to understand a particular business process from end to end, identifying issues and/or opportunities for improvement, and formulating tailored recommendations and solutions for our client to consider.

The aspect I enjoy most about my role is the variety and continuous challenge it presents. Every organisation, its people, processes and systems are unique in their own right so each project always presents an appreciable learning opportunity.

2. How did you become interested in this role, and what was the pathway you took to reach this role?

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Much like most students in their final years of study, I was on a quest to understand what line of work was best for me and which organisation's culture and values would suit me.

Fortunately, through a personal contact, I was able to reach out to a Manager at Protiviti who provided valuable insight into his role and responsibilities at Protiviti and insight into what the culture was like – and I was sold. From there, I went through the recruitment process and commenced as a Graduate with Protiviti in March 2015.

3. What advice would you give to students who have similar career aspirations to yours?

Network, network, network! The more people working in the industry you can speak to, the greater insight you will have into what the profession entails, and a greater understanding of what skills and characteristics would allow you to succeed in the role.

Professional networks can be broadened through friends, relatives, student societies, student leadership programs and most simply through professional networking events and careers fairs. These contacts will prove valuable prior to, and very much throughout your career.

4. More generally, what skills or experiences would you say best facilitated your transition from a student to a professional?

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My teamwork, communication and time management skills have best facilitated my transition from a student to a professional.

These skills were developed through various experiences such as involvement in sporting clubs, student societies and part-time employment. I found these soft skills to be of most importance in my role and I would highly recommend that students hone in and enhance these particular skills.

Click here for more information about Protiviti, and their Graduate and Internship opportunities. Applications close March 31st! 
Lastly, we would like to thank Danny Nguo for his participation!